Aggressive Driving in Georgia

We have all gotten mad behind the wheel of a car. While driving, the other people on the roads can.

We have all gotten mad behind the wheel of a car. While driving, the other people on the roads can be frustrating. While there are ways to let out your aggression in a healthy way, some people do so in ways that can harm other drivers on the road. In the state of Georgia, aggressive driving is against the law. This can encompass annoying, harassing, molesting, intimidating, injuring, or obstructing the other drivers on the road. With drivers acting in any of these ways, the road becomes a much more dangerous place for everyone else.

By acting this way while driving, people can be convicted of a misdemeanor. This does not always deter those who are driving aggressively. Studies have been conducted to show the massive amount of fatal accidents that are caused by aggressive driving. Nationwide, a study showed that aggressive driving at least partially caused more than half of all fatal accidents between 2003 and 2007.

Many actions of drivers can be declared aggressive. Following another driver too closely can be an expression of aggressive driving. Sudden and erratic lane changes are an aggressive behavior that is dangerous and can cause an accident. Failure to observe the fundamental laws of traffic is another act of aggression that can cause accidents. Aggressive drivers will often speed or even race other cars, which can lead to dangerous road conditions for other drivers.

How Is Georgia Combating Aggressive Driving?

aggressive driver accident lawyerWhile it can be difficult even to measure the specific impact of aggressive driving in Georgia, the state is working towards preventing accidents caused by aggression as much as possible. The state funds a program called Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic (HEAT) to battle both aggressive and impaired drivers. According to Georgia’s Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and local law enforcement agencies, aggressive driving is indeed one of the leading causes of major injuries and deaths in traffic accidents in the state of Georgia.

The goals of the program are simple. HEAT aims to reduce the number of accidents caused by aggressive driving by 10 percent. They also want to more strictly enforce the laws that target aggressive drivers in the state. Another significant aspect of the HEAT program is educating the citizens of Georgia on the dangers of aggressive and impaired driving. Every officer is thoroughly trained on the subject. They also make sure to have materials related to aggressive driving available to any citizen who wants or needs to learn more about how the act makes roads more dangerous.

Have You Been Involved in an Aggressive Driving Accident?

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