Atlanta, GA – Car Crash, Fire Slows Motorists On Peachtree Road

Atlanta, GA (October 08, 2018) – At about 4:00 this afternoon a car making an illegal lane change on Buford.

Atlanta, GA (October 08, 2018) – At about 4:00 this afternoon a car making an illegal lane change on Buford Highway was signaled to pull over by police. The driver of the vehicle refused to stop, and instead moved across Peachtree Street and crashed into a fence. The car then caught fire while the suspect escaped on foot.

Shortly after first responders showed and doused the fire the suspect was spotted by a deputy. The Atlanta police gave chase and were successful in apprehending the man who has gone from facing a simple traffic ticket to a number of serious charges.

The name of the driver has not yet been released.

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