Atlanta, GA – Crash Blocking Lane On Interstate

Atlanta, GA (October 11, 2018) – On Thursday afternoon at 12:52 PM a crash in the right-hand lane of I-285.

Atlanta, GA (October 11, 2018) – On Thursday afternoon at 12:52 PM a crash in the right-hand lane of I-285 caused traffic delays.

A multi-vehicle accident occurred in the southbound outer loop of I-285. Delays in traffic begin at exit 12 for Holloway Parkway and continue back until exit 16 for Atlanta Road.

Authorities are on the scene working to treat any injured parties and clear the wreck from the road. No names or details have been released yet.

Atlanta, GA - Crash Blocking Lane On Interstate

Georgia Highway Accidents

Driving a car necessarily comes with a certain amount of risk. This is partially because you cannot control the behavior or the driving habits of the people on the road around you. According to the National Safety Council, the number one cause of traffic accidents on ANY roadway is speeding. Speeding-related crashes cost taxpayers approximately $40.4billion each year. It has also been determined that speeding is a factor in over 30% of all fatal crashes. These crashes claim about 30,000lives every year.

Roughly another 10,000 die each year because they were not wearing their seatbelt when they were involved in a traffic accident. The real tragedy in these numbers lies in the fact that these accidents were largely preventable. Speeding and buckling up are both factors that are completely within the driver’s control. Some other simple steps that drivers can take to ensure their safety and the safety of those riding in their vehicle are pulling out into traffic slowly and being aware of your blind spots. Drivers should be very aware of where the blind spots are on their particular vehicles and take appropriate precautions to check those spots when pulling out into traffic, turning, or changing lanes.

Another preventative measure is to watch out for people running red lights. When your light turns green always count to three before pulling out into an intersection. You never know when an impatient driver will come speeding through a light thinking it is okay because it JUST turned red. This simple 1-2-3 count could save so many lives. If there is one thing that every driver on the road can agree on it is that we all want to get home safe.

If you have been involved in a car accident in which the other driver was speeding, the right attorney will be able to help you file a lawsuit and collect on any damages and losses that you have suffered. Here at Nye Law Group we can help you with exactly that.

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Disclaimer: We at Nye Law Group pride ourselves as members of our local community and strive to improve the overall safety and wellbeing of everyone in our state. Our deepest condolences go out to those injured in these accidents, and we hope that by promoting an awareness of these dangers, our community can take the steps necessary to avoid them. These posts are not a solicitation for business, and the information provided should not be mistaken as medical or legal advice.

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