Atlanta, GA. – Truck Carrying 89 Cows Overturns on Interstate

Atlanta, GA. – (October 3, 2018) – On Monday, October 1 a tractor-trailer carrying 89 cows overturned on the cloverleaf of.

Atlanta, GA. – (October 3, 2018) – On Monday, October 1 a tractor-trailer carrying 89 cows overturned on the cloverleaf of Interstate 75 and I-285 at around 3 am. Dozens of the cows fled the scene causing traffic jams and auto accidents.

The Georgia Department of Transportation enlisted the help of not only the Sandy Springs Police Department, but actual cowboys as well. By Monday afternoon 87 out of the original 89 cows had been recovered, 10 dead and two still missing. Atlanta, GA. - Truck Carrying 89 Cows Overturns on Interstate accidentFour wrecks were caused by wayward cows although, luckily, no one was injured in any of those accidents. Sadly, some of those cows were injured and others had to be tranquilized in order to regain control of the situation. Cobb County Animal Control provided horse trailers to aid in the cow recollection efforts. The cows were then shipped to a facility in Calhoun.

Cobb County police said they have no reason to believe that speed was a factor that played into this strange accident. The driver of the tractor trailer, whose name has not yet been released, was transported to a nearby hospital with injuries. This is the third accident this year involving fleeing livestock bespeckeling Georgian highways. Smaller incidents occured on Interstate 75 in May and on Interstate 285 in June.

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It’s no secret that sharing the road with tractor trailers can be unnerving and sometimes even downright dangerous. In cases like this where the truck is hauling live cargo, rare and unusual problems can ensue. Being involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer is vastly different than being involved in a collision with another automobile. Truckers carry commercial insurance which has much higher premiums and payouts even though the policy covers the same basic things. If you have experienced personal property damage as the result of an accident involving one of these trucks you need an experienced lawyer on your side to help set things right again.

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