Cherokee County, GA – Injury Accident In Road

Cherokee County, GA (October 11, 2018) – An accident took place at approximately 2:19 PM on Thursday in Cherokee County,.

Cherokee County, GA (October 11, 2018) – An accident took place at approximately 2:19 PM on Thursday in Cherokee County, Georgia.

The intersection of Bells Ferry Road and Robin Road, just north of highway 92, has all northbound lanes of traffic disabled for the time being. Police and first responders are on the scene treating the injured parties as necessary. No further information has been released at this time and the investigation into what caused the accident is still underway by police.

Cherokee County, GA - Injury Accident In Road

Georgia Inclement Weather Accidents

Car accidents that occur due to hazardous weather conditions are something that happens all year round, not just in the wintertime. Factors such as sleet, ice, wind, fog, rain, and snow can all reduce a driver’s ability to see and obstruct the view of other drivers on the road as well. Severe weather can also impair driver ability to keep their vehicle under control. If inclement weather has played a role in a traffic accident, like on a slippery, ice-covered road, it may be a little unclear who is actually at fault and should, therefore, be held liable for the damages.

If driving during these types of conditions cannot be avoided then there are simple precautions that all drivers can take to help prevent accidents. Driving well under the speed limit, wearing a seat belt, and pulling over if visibility is poor are all highly advisable and safe behaviors. These are small, simple steps that all motorists can take to make sure everyone on the road gets home safely to their loved ones.

Additionally, making sure that your wipers are working, and that you have plenty of wiper/de-icer fluid can make a crucial difference in your ability to see what lies in the road in front of you. Keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure and being aware of any wearing down of the tread can also keep you from having a preventable accident on the road that could potentially take a life. Remember, it is not just ice and snow that make driving in undesirable weather conditions a dangerous undertaking. Almost any kind of precipitation, no matter what form it takes, presents its own unique set of hazardous driving conditions that every driver needs be mindful of.

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