Clayton, NC – Two-Car Accident Leads to One Rolling Over

Clayton, NC (November 23, 2018) – In Clayton, traffic was backed up yesterday, November 22, for several hours because of.

Clayton, NC (November 23, 2018) – In Clayton, traffic was backed up yesterday, November 22, for several hours because of a two-car accident that led to one vehicle rolling over. Clayton Police investigated the accident.

The accident happened on US-70 around the area of the Ranch Road exit. One car overturned, which caused first responders to evaluate three people.

Multiple agencies responded to the scene of the accident including the NC Highway Patrol, Clayton Fire, and Johnston County EMS. The car that overturned was a light sedan, and a black sedan was also found on the shoulder with many damages.

Traffic was impacted for quite some time. Police continue to investigate the circumstances of the accident at this time.

Being involved in a serious accident can be a life-changing event. You have many options when you have been seriously injured. We wish to extend our deepest sympathies to those involved in this accident, as we understand how life-changing they can be and want you to have many options as you move forward.

Car Accident in North Carolina 

Clayton, NC – Two-Car Accident Leads to One Rolling OverThe North Carolina Department of Transportation estimates that, in just one year, there are upwards of 260,000 accidents on our roads. In 2008, 130,137 people were injured in these serious, life-changing accidents. There are many negligent acts that lead to these accidents, from speeding and distracted driving to drunk driving and more. You have to understand that you have many rights when one of these accidents causes upheaval in your life.

Our empathetic and compassionate North Carolina attorneys at the Nye Law Group are here for you and have committed themselves to your case and helping you move forward. If a negligent party has caused you harm, you have many options as you work toward damages that will help you get back on your feet. You may have been affected in terms of your day-to-day lifestyle but help is on your side. Contact us today at 912-200-5230 to find out what we can do for you.

Note: A variety of outside sources including news bulletins and police reports were used to create these posts and report on the injuries involved. Due to this, the details of these accidents have not been independently confirmed by our team and writing staff. In the event that false information is included in the story, please contact us immediately with the post’s title and the incorrect information, and we will correct the content.

Disclaimer: We at Nye Law Group pride ourselves as members of our local community and strive to improve the overall safety and wellbeing of everyone in our state. Our deepest condolences go out to those injured in these accidents, and we hope that by promoting an awareness of these dangers, our community can take the steps necessary to avoid them. These posts are not a solicitation for business, and the information provided should not be mistaken as medical or legal advice.


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