Cobb County, GA – Car vs. School Bus Accident

Cobb County, GA (October 20, 2018) – A Cobb County bus crash disrupted an otherwise quiet Friday morning in Cobb.

Cobb County, GA (October 20, 2018) – A Cobb County bus crash disrupted an otherwise quiet Friday morning in Cobb County when a school bus struck a car that attempted to make a left-hand turn without yielding the right-of-way to the school bus.

23 students were on board the school bus at the time of the crash but luckily no one was injured. Damage was sustained to the car as well as the school bus. There is still no word if the driver of the car is being charged with anything.

Cobb County, GA - Car vs. School Bus Accident

Cobb County Failure to Yield

Some drivers seem to think they should always go first. It is the obligation of every driver on the road to know and obey the traffic laws. This includes the right-of-way and knowing when to yield to oncoming traffic. Drivers who fail to do so present a danger to others on the road and to themselves as well. Failure to yield can also lead to that driver being held liable for any accident that they cause. Aggressive highway merging and failure to stop and look at a flashing yellow light are some of the more common causes of failure to yield accidents.

If you or someone close to you has been injured or experienced property damage due to another driver’s failure to yield then you need to consult with an attorney who has experience in this area as soon as possible. You are most likely eligible to receive compensation for the damages to your person and to your vehicle. Don’t just trust the insurance company to award you everything that you need to cover your losses. That usually is not the case in these matters.

The attorneys here at Nye Law Group are happy to speak with you and tell you what options you have available to you as far as collecting on your damages owed. We can explain what your rights are in situations such as this and help to guide you through the legal process. Call Nye Law Group at 912-200-5230 for a free, no strings attached consultation regarding your individual case.

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Disclaimer: We at Nye Law Group pride ourselves as members of our local community and strive to improve the overall safety and wellbeing of everyone in our state. Our deepest condolences go out to those injured in these accidents, and we hope that by promoting an awareness of these dangers, our community can take the steps necessary to avoid them. These posts are not a solicitation for business, and the information provided should not be mistaken as medical or legal advice.

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