Columbus, GA – Fatal Hit and Run Under Investigation

Columbus, GA (August 10, 2018) – A fatal hit-and-run left one dead on Stadium Drive in Columbus. Police are actively.

Columbus, GA (August 10, 2018) – A fatal hit-and-run left one dead on Stadium Drive in Columbus.

Police are actively investigating the incident which occurred near the Clover Leaf Apartment complex around 11 p.m. on August 9th.  Coroner Arthur Sumbry, Jr. was called to the scene and pronounced one individual deceased at 12:15 a.m. The victim has not yet been identified. The individual likely died from injuries related to blunt force trauma. Police are still investigating and searching for the driver who struck the victim. Our condolences go out to the family of the victim, and we wish them the best during this extremely difficult time

Hit-and-Run in Georgia

The term ‘hit and run’ is used to describe an accident that takes place when a driver causes damage, injury, or death to another person or vehicle and leaves the scene of the accident without reporting it to the proper authorities.

Hit and run incidents are extremely challenging to deal with. Not only is there often limited evidence left at the scene of the accident but quite often there are very few witnesses to the events. In cases like this, where the hit-and-run results in the death, it is particularly challenging to know who was at fault and what events lead up to the accident.

Insurance companies are often concerned with protecting their bottom lines. Having appropriate representation can help lessen the struggles you face dealing with the insurance company after a hit-and-run incident. Additionally, recovering compensation and getting help after the individual has been identified are also critical tasks. At the Nye Law Group, we work to help individuals impacted by hit-and-run accidents deal with legal complications so they can focus on their recovery. Contact us today at (912) 200-5230 to get help today.



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