Coweta County, GA – Woman Killed When Car Hits Tree

Coweta County, GA (October 08 2018) – This is an update to a story that was previously posted on Friday.

Coweta County, GA (October 08 2018) – This is an update to a story that was previously posted on Friday the 5th. A woman from South Fulton County was killed in Coweta County in a one-car crash at approximately 10:25 AM after her car went off the road. The 71-year-old victim has since been identified as Tanya Tabar Strickley of Union City.

Georgia State Police indicated that Strickley had been driving eastbound and had her car go off the road as she went around a curve. The driver appears to have then overcorrected, causing her car to go off the north side of Tommy Lee Cook Road and down an embankment where the left side of the vehicle hit a tree.

Strickley had a 14-year-old passenger with her who was taken immediately to Piedmont Newnan Hospital to be treated for injuries. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. An investigation into the cause of this crash is still ongoing but police do not believe that drugs or alcohol were involved at this time.

Coweta County, GA - Woman Killed When Car Hits Tree

Georgia Fatal Accident

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