Fulton County, GA – Car Wreck on the I-20, Lane Blocked

Fulton County, GA – (October 6, 2018) A car wreck occurred on the I-20 on the evening of Friday, October.

Fulton County, GA – (October 6, 2018) A car wreck occurred on the I-20 on the evening of Friday, October 5. The collision led to delays and a lane closure as first responders worked to clean up the debris.

The wreck occurred on the I-20 westbound at exit 55 ramp to Lee Street. A cause of the crash is still being investigated, and though first responders arrived on the scene to treat injuries, the severity of those injuries has not been reported.

Fulton County, GA – Car Wreck on the I-20, Travel Lane BlockedPolice closed the travel lane on the ramp as they documented the scene, cared for the wounded, and moved the vehicles from the flow of traffic. Traffic was stalled in the area for several hours before opening back up to the regular flow of traffic.

Georgia Multi-Vehicle Crashes

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