Fulton County GA – Woman Killed Crossing South Fulton Road

Fulton County, GA (October 05, 2018) – Rebecca Woodson was struck by a van and killed in a Tuesday morning.

Fulton County, GA (October 05, 2018) – Rebecca Woodson was struck by a van and killed in a Tuesday morning accident as she attempted to cross Fulton Industrial Boulevard just north of I-20 at Wendell Drive.

Woodson was meeting her fiance who was on the scene when she was struck. The pair were scheduled to get married in December. All northbound lanes of Fulton Industrial Blvd. were closed for approximately two hours following the crash so that officers could investigate properly. The driver of the van did remain on the accident scene as was able to be interviewed by police at that time.

No charges have been filed as of yet. There is no word if they will be later as the investigation is still ongoing.

Union City, GA – Man Struck and Killed by Vehicle in Pedestrian Accident

Georgia Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Drivers and pedestrians alike are obligated to follow the rules of the road. In most cases, the knee-jerk reaction may be to assume that the driver of the vehicle must be to blame. There are, however, several instances in which the pedestrian shares at least some of the fault. Examples of negligence that is actually on the part of the pedestrian include ignoring the ‘walk’ and ‘don’t walk’ signals at intersections (jaywalking), not using a designated crosswalk, deliberately interrupting the flow of traffic, and running in front of vehicles or otherwise behaving in a deliberately unsafe manner. If you are in an accident where a pedestrian is involved do not automatically assume that you as the driver must be 100% legally responsible. Stay on the scene of the accident, call the police, collect the information of anyone else who was involved and of any witnesses, do not apologize or make any statements to anyone else involved in the accident, and then call an attorney.

If you or a family member have been in an accident involving a pedestrian it can be very overwhelming. You may be wondering what your next step is. There is a limited amount of time allotted to you for filing a claim so contact the Nye Law Group immediately. We will help you get a focused and clear idea of what your next steps are. Put our years of legal expertise to work for you.

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