Greenville County, SC – 2 Dead In Five Car Pile-Up

Greenville County, SC (October 15, 2018) – A crash involving five cars on I-85 on Saturday has left two people.

Greenville County, SC (October 15, 2018) – A crash involving five cars on I-85 on Saturday has left two people dead. The incident happened shortly after 5:00 PM in the southbound lanes near mile marker 51.5. The accident involved a 2011 Harley Davidson, a 2000 Harley Davidson, a 2015 Honda Accord, a 2009 BMW, and a 2007 Toyota Sequoia. Both motorcycles were carrying passengers at the time of the crash.

The two fatalities in this accident have since been identified as Catherine S. Lundstrom Hall, 52, of Spartanburg, and Bobby Alvin Center, 47, of Duncan. The Toyota, BMW, and two motorcycles were driving in the southbound lanes of I-85 with the Honda heading north when the Toyota suddenly swerved to avoid rear-ending slower moving traffic which caused it to hit the BMW. The Toyota, still out of control, continued on its path and rammed into both of the motorcycles. All motorcycle riders were ejected from their vehicles. Three out of the flour were hurled over the median where they landed in northbound oncoming traffic. The Honda struck the passenger of the 2011 Harley Davidson, who was later identified as Hall, who was killed instantly when she was hit by the car. The other fatality was the driver of the 2000 Harley Davidson, who was later identified as Center, who died when his body hit the cement divider.

The remaining two motorcycle occupants were both taken to Greenfield Memorial hospital, one by airlift and the other by EMS. The occupants of the three cars were unharmed. Police are still investigating the crash.

Greenville County, SC - 2 Dead In Five Car Pile-Up

South Carolina Motorcycle Accidents

We wish to extend out condolences to the victims of this terrible accident and wish those in the hospital and full and speedy recovery.

There are unique factors involved in owning and operating a motorcycle that make an accident involving a motorcycle very different from a crash involving just cars. The two biggest differences are the injuries that result from motorcycle accidents and the liability issues that come with them. The obvious physical differences to a car are easily visible. Motorcycles have only two wheels, not four. They are lighter, smaller, and leave its rider and passengers completely exposed to the elements and the hazards of the road. In data collected by the federal government, motorcycle riders experience 35 times more fatalities than those in automobiles. Motorcycles face the hazards of being less visible to other drivers on the road, they are more susceptible to even small road hazards such as potholes, there is no barrier protecting the riders, and they are less stable and harder to balance, requiring their drivers to possess a higher level of skill and concentration.

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