Greenville, SC – Two Killed in Fatal Airplane Accident at Airport

  Greenville, SC (November 5, 2018) – In Greenville, two people lost their lives in a fatal airplane accident that.


Greenville, SC (November 5, 2018) – In Greenville, two people lost their lives in a fatal airplane accident that happened when they tried to land a jet at an airport. The vehicle ran off the runway and immediately split in two, which caused a fuel leak.

Police say that, after their investigation, they have not been able to fully entertain a cause of the accident that killed the pilot and co-pilot at the Greenville Downtown Airport.

The plane immediately overshot the runway. Witnesses at the scene said that the plane looked like it landed without a problem, but then barreled down a steep embankment in the area. Police have since identified the pilot as 49-year-old John Christian Caswell and the co-pilot as 66-year-old Stephen George Fox. Caswell died an hour after the accident occurred.

A married man and woman were passengers in the plane, who are now in critical condition at the hospital.

As of now, the investigation into the incident continues.

Greenville Airplane Accident 

Greenville, SC – Two Killed in Fatal Airplane Accident at AirportWe would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the victims of this serious accident. Plane accidents are some of the most devastating, though rare, types of accidents that take place in South Carolina. These accidents might not happen as commonly on our roads, but when they do occur there is a high chance that they will bring serious injuries and fatalities. No matter the cause, losing a friend or family member is always difficult, and we wish nothing but the best for those affected by this tragedy.

At the Nye Law Group, we have made it our personal responsibility to assist those who have lost a loved one in one of these horrific and life-changing accidents. It is tremendously vital that you understand you have a variety of noteworthy rights when you are fighting for the protection of your loved one during this difficult time after they have fallen victim to someone else’s carelessness. If you have lost somebody close to you in a plane accident, let us stand by your side. Call us now at 912-200-5230 for more information.

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