Is Speeding Making South Carolina Roads More Dangerous?

Traffic accidents happen for a number of reason. Some people cause accidents by looking at their phone while they drive..

Traffic accidents happen for a number of reason. Some people cause accidents by looking at their phone while they drive. Others may be following another car on the road a little too closely when the car in front of them suddenly brakes, causing an accident. Even someone making just one improper turn can cause a collision.

However, there is one factor that causes accidents that all drivers have done at some point: speeding. It is easy to think that a few miles over the speed limit cannot possibly hurt anyone when you need to be somewhere in a hurry. Yet, easing into this mindset can be dangerous. As someone becomes more comfortable with speeding, they will do it more. This could possibly someday lead to an accident.

car crash lawyerIn South Carolina, speeding was the second leading cause of traffic accidents in 2016. 199 people were killed when drivers drove too fast for conditions. Another 33 people were killed in accidents caused by the driver exceeding the speed limit. When you combine these two numbers, the amount of speed-related fatalities exceeds the number one cause of fatalities in the state: driving under the influence.

The state of South Carolina has one of the highest rates of accidents in the entire country. The state is number three in drivers killed per 100,000 people, with 20.5 people. It falls behind only Mississippi and Alabama. South Carolina is number one in deaths per 100,000 vehicle miles traveled.

While not all of these fatalities are caused by speed-related accidents, speed is certainly a factor.

Why is Speeding Dangerous?

Speed limits exist for a reason. Driving too fast can be hazardous to everyone on the road, including yourself. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association explains the various reasons why speeding is so dangerous.

  • If you notice a hazard for which you would need to brake, speeding increases the necessary stopping distance. This distance increases the faster you are speeding.
  • Equipment that keeps passengers and drivers safe are less effective at higher speeds. A seatbelt or airbag may become ineffective if you are moving fast enough.
  • The chance of losing control of your vehicle increases as you speed more and more.
  • A car that is traveling faster is likely to cause a much more severe accident.

Even if you are driving as safely as possible, this does not prevent other drivers from speeding. Many of these dangers of speeding affect victims of an accident, not just the passengers of the speeding car that caused the accident.

We Can Help After a Speeding-Related Accident

If you have been a victim of an accident that resulted from a speeding driver, contact The Nye Law Group. Our experienced attorneys can offer you a free case evaluation to determine what your next move should be. Do not let the actions of a negligent driver who caused an accident from driving too quickly do any more damage to your life. We can help you get the compensation that you deserve for the accident through which you have suffered.

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