Jackson County, GA – Forsyth County Man Killed In Car Crash

Jackson County, GA (October 05, 2018) – Micah Marshall, a man from Forsyth County was killed when his car plowed.

Jackson County, GA (October 05, 2018) – Micah Marshall, a man from Forsyth County was killed when his car plowed into a dump truck that was stopped on I-85 in Jackson County around 11:30 0n Saturday night.

Marshall was headed southbound in the far left lane of I-85 near mile marker 127 when his Mini Cooper crashed into the back end of a dump truck also traveling in the same lane. Due to roadwork in the left lane further up the road, the dump truck was in already stopped in traffic when it suddenly became disabled. The driver of the truck, Donald Tolbert of Dawsonville, followed procedure by placing orange emergency warning triangles behind his vehicle.
Both the dump truck and the accident are still under investigation at this time.

Marshall received a fatal injury when he slammed into the back of the truck. First responders treated both men at the scene.

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Our deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends of Micah Marshall. We are truly sorry for your loss.

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