Jacksonville, NC – Three Critically Injured in Serious Car Crash

Jacksonville, NC (December 14, 2018) – Three people were left in critical condition following a serious car crash that took.

Jacksonville, NC (December 14, 2018) – Three people were left in critical condition following a serious car crash that took place in Jacksonville, one of which was a Marine trying to help.

Last night, December 13, on Rocky Run Road, one vehicle had been traveling south when a GMC ran a stop sign. The two vehicles collided around 7:15 p.m. A witness said that the woman who ran the stop sign was going around 30 mph at the time.

A Marine and two other people pulled over and stopped to help to ensure that everybody involved was okay. After the accident, a red truck came around the curve, running into the three people helping at the scene of the accident. One of the pedestrians on the side of the road was the driver involved in the first accident and the other two who were struck had been bystanders.

One woman landed in the grass and a witness said that the Marine fell into the middle of the road and was screaming for help. The three victims were immediately airlifted to the Vidant Medical Center. At this time, police have not stated whether or not charges are pending. However, the accident remains under investigation at this time.

First and foremost, we would like to extend our sincere condolences to those involved in this accident and hope that all three will be able to recover after they have sustained such severe injuries.

Car Accident in North Carolina

Jacksonville, NC – Three Critically Injured in Serious Car CrashIn North Carolina, car accidents have been leaving a huge impact on the state as a whole, from the economical issued they cause, to the strain they have on families. Some of the major reasons, according to researchers in North Carolina, come from distracted driving like those who are texting to those who make the decision to drive intoxicated. We do not ever want you to feel alone if you have been involved in a North Carolina car accident, which is why we offer our support to you at this time.

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Note: A variety of outside sources including news bulletins and police reports were used to create these posts and report on the injuries involved. Due to this, the details of these accidents have not been independently confirmed by our team and writing staff. In the event that false information is included in the story, please contact us immediately with the post’s title and the incorrect information, and we will correct the content.

Disclaimer: We at Nye Law Group pride ourselves as members of our local community and strive to improve the overall safety and wellbeing of everyone in our state. Our deepest condolences go out to those injured in these accidents, and we hope that by promoting an awareness of these dangers, our community can take the steps necessary to avoid them. These posts are not a solicitation for business, and the information provided should not be mistaken as medical or legal advice.


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