Kennesaw, GA – Five Juveniles Endangered, Car Crash Occurs

Kennesaw, GA (October 16, 2018) – A car crash led police to five juveniles who might have been in danger..

Kennesaw, GA (October 16, 2018) – A car crash led police to five juveniles who might have been in danger. The accident happened on Friday evening, October 12 and involved a head-on crash.

The driver involved in the accident told police that two toddlers had been left home alone. Police immediately went to the home and this led to an arrest.

The accident happened when two teenagers were coming home from a high school football game with their younger sibling when they were suddenly struck head-on by another vehicle. They had to jump out of the vehicle just before it went down a steep ravine. Luckily, the three children survived but had a variety of injuries due to the accident.

The juveniles said that the driver of the other vehicle had slurred speech when she was talking to officers, which led them to find alcohol in her vehicle. Police said that they rescued the two toddlers and arrested both parents of the children.

The accident is still being investigated at this time.

Kennesaw Car Accident 

Kennesaw, GA – Five Juveniles Endangered, Car Crash OccursWe want to first extend our warmest thoughts and prayers to those involved in this serious accident. When another person acts with outright negligence in an accident, you have many rights. This makes liability an easy factor to determine, which will help you in the midst of your case.

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