Lawrenceville, GA- Student and Flight Instructor Survive Fiery Plane Crash at Briscoe Field

Lawrenceville, GA (October 14, 2018) – A student pilot and a flight instructor were flying a single-engine plane when they suddenly.

Lawrenceville, GA (October 14, 2018) – A student pilot and a flight instructor were flying a single-engine plane when they suddenly crashed at Briscoe Field in Gwinnett County on Sunday afternoon.

Georgia State Police are investigating a fiery plane crash that happened Sunday evening in Lawrenceville, Georgia around 12:40 pm. According to Gwinnett County Fire Officials, the aircraft took off out of the Peachtree-DeKalb Airport and was reportedly performing touch and go maneuvers over Briscoe Field.

Leading up to the crash, employees at the airport tower stated that they received distress calls from the student pilot indicating the aircraft was experiencing nothing more than a rough landing. By the time Gwinnett County officials arrived on the scene, the plane was entirely engulfed in flames. The plane reportedly made the crash landing near the beginning of runway 7.

When Police and Firefighters arrived on the scene of the accident,   the two unidentified people aboard the four-seater aircraft had already escaped the firey flames with minor injuries.  Both people were evaluated and treated for minor injuries at the scene.   Firefighters jumped into action to put out the flames and were able to get the fire under control. According to the investigation report, the plane is considered to be a total loss. Both the FAA and NTSB have been notified of the plane crash. So far, the FAA inspector has responded and will evaluate the severity of the wreckage.

This plane crash is still under investigation. More details will be released once they become available.Lawrenceville Fiery Plane Crash

Plane Accidents in Georgia

We are grateful to hear that these two men were not badly injured in this aviation incident and hope that they are able to fully recover from any injuries that they do have.  Plane accidents tend to be catastrophic in nature and usually result in the loss of life.  These individuals are extremely lucky to have been able to escape the flames without major injury.

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