Marietta, GA – Pick-Up Truck Collides With Pedestrian

Marietta, GA (December 16, 2018) – According to the Marietta Police, a collision occurred on Friday evening around 8:15 on.

Marietta, GA (December 16, 2018) – According to the Marietta Police, a collision occurred on Friday evening around 8:15 on Whitlock Avenue when a pedestrian, 56-year-old James Turnbull of Marietta was struck by a vehicle while he was attempting to cross the street.

A departmental news release has stated that Turnbull was crossing Whitlock Avenue outside of the designated crosswalk, just west of Kirkpatrick Avenue. Upon doing so he was hit by a 2016 Ram pick-up truck that was heading west. The Ram was driven by 31-year-old Julio Galvan, also of Marietta. The news release states that Turnbull failed to yield to oncoming traffic. He received medical transportation to nearby Kennestone Hospital where he received treatment for his injuries. As of yet, there has been no update on his condition, nor any information released about the condition of the driver of the truck.

This accident is currently still under investigation.

Marietta, GA - Pick-Up Truck Collides With Pedestrian

Pedestrian Accidents in Georgia

When you consider accidents between vehicles and pedestrians, the initial assumption is most likely that the driver of the vehicle is the one who is at fault. Most people have probably heard the old axiom “the pedestrian has the right of way,” even though, legally speaking, that isn’t always correct. In a  pedestrian vs vehicle accident, the pedestrian can actually be to blame. Instances like darting out in front of cars or into the roadway, crossing against the light (jaywalking) or outside of the crosswalk as was the case with poor Mr. Turnbull, are all examples of situations in which the pedestrian would likely be found at fault for the accident.

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