Milton, GA – Fatal Crash

Milton, GA (October 11, 2018) – Around 11:30 PM on Monday evening a crash was reported on Providence Road near.

Milton, GA (October 11, 2018) – Around 11:30 PM on Monday evening a crash was reported on Providence Road near Atlanta National Drive. A pedestrian was killed when he was struck by a vehicle. Sadly, the man has passed by the time police and emergency workers arrived on the scene.

The incident is currently being investigated by the Milton Police Department Crash Response Team. The pedestrian’s name has not yet been released as the crash still remains under investigation.

Milton, GA - Fatal Crash

Georgia Pedestrian Involved Accidents

Hitting a pedestrian while driving a car is no doubt a terrifying event for both the driver and the pedestrian. Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon one. In 2009 (the most recent research I could find) a little over 4000 pedestrians were hit by cars and another 59,000 were injured by cars in the United States alone. At speeds of over 30 miles per hour produces far more serious injuries and grave fatalities. Yet a driver traveling at a rate of speed of only 10 miles per hour has the capability to severely cripple a pedestrian should they hit one. 

The police officer on the scene will file a  police report which will contain his version of the events as he believes they happened. He forms his opinion by taking statements from and drivers and passengers involved in the accident, and any eyewitnesses he can find as well. If the officer gets competing or conflicting stories from those involved then he may do additional investigating to try and determine the sequence of events and find out who was at fault. His findings, however, might be disputed by the car insurance companies. Insurance companies will often send a man of their own known as an insurance adjuster to view the scene of the accident and any claimed damage to various persons or properties.

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Note: A variety of outsides sources including news bulletins and police reports were used to create these posts and report on the injuries involved. Due to this, the details of these accidents have not been independently confirmed by our team and writing staff. In the event that false information is included in the story, please contact us immediately with the post’s title and the incorrect information, and we will correct the content.

Disclaimer: We at Nye Law Group pride ourselves as members of our local community and strive to improve the overall safety and wellbeing of everyone in our state. Our deepest condolences go out to those injured in these accidents, and we hope that by promoting an awareness of these dangers, our community can take the steps necessary to avoid them. These posts are not a solicitation for business, and the information provided should not be mistaken as medical or legal advice.

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