The increase in traffic fatalities in the past 18 months may not sound as shocking when you consider how often.


The increase in traffic fatalities in the past 18 months may not sound as shocking when you consider how often Americans drive.

The American Driving Survey reveals that Americans spend 290 hours behind the wheel every year, traveling approximately 10,900 miles. The amount of time spent on the road equates to seven 40-hour work weeks.

The survey, conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, is the most comprehensive look at the amount of time Americans drive every year.

Other notable survey findings include:

  • Men are behind the wheel 18 percent more often than women and travel 2,314 more miles.
  • Americans ages 30 to 49 spend more time behind the wheel than any other age group.
  • Americans living in rural areas drive more than those in cities or towns, by an average of 3,000 miles.
  • Drivers in the Midwest and the South drive more than those in the Northeast (11,295 miles to 9,328 miles).
  • Female drivers are 24 percent more likely to have passengers in their vehicles than men.
  • Most driving is done in cars, as these vehicles account for 50 percent of miles driven. SUVs came in second at 20 percent.
  • Americans are on the road more often in the fall than in the winter.
  • There is one car for every driver in almost 90 percent of American households. Approximately 28 percent of households reported that they had more cars than drivers.

Researchers compiled data about daily driving trips from a survey of 5,774 drivers in 2014 and 2015.

Considering how often Americans are behind the wheel, drivers need to practice safe driving and avoid habits that increase the risk of an accident, including distracted driving and reckless driving.

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