Pike County, GA – High School Football Player Dies From Injuries

Pike County, GA (October 04, 2018) – Dylan Thomas, 16, who played for the Pike County Pirates was pronounced dead.

Pike County, GA (October 04, 2018) – Dylan Thomas, 16, who played for the Pike County Pirates was pronounced dead on Sunday evening after sustaining a head injury in a football game Friday night.

During the third quarter of a high school football game where he was the linebacker, Thomas left the field with what was reported to be a leg injury by his coach. While he was with the team’s doctor, however, Thomas became incoherent and then unconscious. The teen reportedly slumped over and fell off the bench. He regained consciousness long enough to tell those around him that he couldn’t feel his body before he passed out again. Ultimately Thomas was airlifted to Grady Hospital in Atlanta where he passed away from his injury just 48 hours later. During the game, Thomas was reported wearing a top of the line football helmet.

The team’s coach and other officials are still reviewing the tapes of the game to see if they can determine when and how Thomas was injured. They say so far nothing really sticks out.

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