South Carolina has the third-worst drivers in the country, according to an annual report from If you have been.

Traffic on Highway

South Carolina has the third-worst drivers in the country, according to an annual report from

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The report analyzed 2014 statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and ranked the Palmetto State first for fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

South Carolina received the following rankings for the other metrics in the study:

  • 10th for drunk driving
  • Seventh for speeding
  • Seventh for careless driving
  • 34th for failure to obey traffic signals, wear seat belts or drive with a valid license has created the report each of the last five years to inform drivers about dangerous driving behaviors in their states.

South Carolina has been in the top five each of the past four years and could be ranked there next year – the 2017 report will use 2015 NHTSA data which shows there were 977 traffic deaths last year, the highest number of traffic fatalities in South Carolina since 2007.

The increase in traffic fatalities has more to do with the high number of rural roads in the state than the quality of drivers, according to AAA Carolinas spokeswoman Tiffany Wright.

Last year, there were 699 traffic fatalities on rural roads, representing 82 percent of crash fatalities in South Carolina. The national average for fatal accidents on rural roads is 51 percent.

Rural roadways are usually more dangerous than urban streets due to the lack of shoulders and other safety features. Also, driving mistakes are harder to correct on rural roads than urban roads.

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