Smyrna, GA – Accident Leaves 1 Dead, 2 Injured On Windy Hill Road

Smyrna, GA (03 October 2018) – At 2 AM on 29 September police responded to a serious two-car accident on.

Smyrna, GA (03 October 2018) – At 2 AM on 29 September police responded to a serious two-car accident on Windy Hill Road near the Reed Street intersection.

The accident involved two cars and remained under investigation until almost 5 PM, resulting in several lane closures and traffic detours. An orange Dodge Charger was speeding down Windy Hill Road and slammed into a grey Cutlass at an intersection. The force of the impact was so great it resulted in an explosion that killed the driver of the Cutlass. Both the driver and the passenger of the Charger were pulled from their vehicle and are being treated at a Georgia hospital.

None of the names of anyone involved have been released at this point. Police are still trying to determine why the Charger was traveling at such a high rate of speed and checking local traffic cameras to see if they can find any useful footage. No witnesses to the accident have come forward at this point. Once the investigation is completed, the family of the driver of the Cutlass may be able to bring about a wrongful death suit against the other people involved.

Smyrna, GA. - Accident Leaves 1 Dead, 2 Injured On Windy Hill Road

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Our heartfelt sympathies go out to everyone involved in this terrible accident as well as their families and friends.

A car accident is a devastating occurrence in and of itself. A completely avoidable car accident that results in serious injuries and a death is a truly gruesome, hideous thing. A wrongful death lawsuit ensures that the aggrieved party is compensated when they have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence. It is imperative that you have a highly qualified and practiced lawyer by your side for this. This is not a road you want to walk down alone. You can greatly benefit from the guidance and knowledge of an attorney.

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