Spalding County, GA – Driver Hits Oncoming Truck, Kills Passenger

Spalding County, GA (October 08, 2018) – A high-speed police chase lead to a fatal crash on Georgia Highway 16.

Spalding County, GA (October 08, 2018) – A high-speed police chase lead to a fatal crash on Georgia Highway 16 Friday morning. Wendy Boyd, 46, of Jenkinsburg was killed.

According to sources from inside the Georgia State Police, the driver was near Griffin going approximately 90 miles per hour when he caught the attention of a trooper headed in the opposite direction. Due to the vehicle’s high rate of speed and the amount of traffic on the road the trooper made the decision not to give chase at that time. The driver continued on until just west of Maloy Road where he sideswiped a car and then rammed into a truck that was headed the other way.

Boyd was killed immediately and the driver of the truck, whose name has not been released, was treated for injuries at a local area hospital. The driver was unharmed and is currently being held on unspecified warrants.

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If a police chase results in injury or death who is held liable? Sovereign immunity is the general rule of thumb here in the United States. What this means is that government officials, no matter how negligent their actions are, are not held responsible for any consequences that arise from them as long as they were being performed in the line of duty.

Most municipalities, however, have laws that preempt this immunity. Those seeking to file any sort of lawsuit as the result of a police pursuit still cannot sue individuals but they absolutely can sue institutions. You can’t sue Officer Jones for crashing into your storefront in pursuit of a bank robber, but you can sue the Police Department of Jonesville. If you were so inclined you could also sue the city of Jonesville. I

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