Twiggs County, GA – Highway Collision

Twiggs County, GA (October 08, 2018) – A serious car accident unfolded this evening on Interstate 16 in Twiggs County..

Twiggs County, GA (October 08, 2018) – A serious car accident unfolded this evening on Interstate 16 in Twiggs County. The vehicles involved were traveling in the westbound lanes just past mile marker 21.

This multi-vehicle accident occurred at approximately 8:16 PM and blocked the entire left lane of traffic. Police and first responders arrived on the scene and treated injuries as necessary. Police took statements and oversaw the clean-up of the accident prior to reopening the lane. The regular flow of traffic was resumed by 11:00 PM.

An investigation into this accident is still ongoing, and the names of those involved have not yet been released.

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Georgia Highway Accidents

Crowded lanes, tailgaters, distracted drivers, inexperienced drivers, panicky drivers, construction, people who don’t use their turn signal, and adverse weather conditions are all mashed together at high speeds on our Georgia freeways. It’s a perfect storm.

Car accidents that take place at highway speeds are often catastrophic, frequently leading to major property damage, personal injury, and even loss of life. One-third of all traffic accidents involve speeding in some way and though safety have improved in recent years, freeways continue to be deadly.

In the event that you’ve been involved in a highway accident, you should first move the cars off to the right shoulder, turn your hazards on, call the police, and exit the car on the passenger’s side. Make sure you also move as far away from your car as possible in case a distracted driver decides to sideswipe your already disabled vehicle.

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