Emerson, GA- Car Accident injures Victim on US-41at Red Top Mountain Road

Emerson, GA ( October 14, 2018) – Emerson County officials are currently conducting an investigation to determine the cause of.

Emerson, GA ( October 14, 2018) – Emerson County officials are currently conducting an investigation to determine the cause of an accident that occurred Sunday morning at Red Top Mountain Road.

Georgia State Police have reported that the accident happened in Emerson County Sunday morning on US-41 at Red Top Mountain Road. The car accident resulted in the injury of an unidentified driver in Southeastern Emerson County in Georgia. Reportedly, the vehicle was traveling along Red Top Mountain Road when for unknown reasons the vehicle veered off the roadway when suddenly rolling over.

The impact of the rollover crash injured the unidentified victim who was still inside the vehicle. First responders arrived on the scene of the accident to assess and treat the injured person. Emergency crews transported the victim to a local Georgia hospital to evaluate the extent of the injuries caused by the collision. Georgia Police are still actively investigating the accident to determine the cause of the rollover.

No additional details have been released.

Single-Vehicle Rollover Accidents in GeorgiaEMERSON ROLLOVER CRASH

Car accidents can range from modest to devastating. Single-vehicle accidents tend to result in the most catastrophic injuries  and sometimes even, death. In most single-vehicle accidents the blame can be placed on the driver of the vehicle.  They may have been speeding, distracted driving or driving onder the influence of drugs or alcohol.  There are instances where that is not the case though.  There may have been a a road defect, a malfunctioning part on the vehicle, or a defective tire that may be responsible for the driver losing of control of the vehicle.  If the driver of the crashed vehicle is not found to be responsilbe for the vehicle leaving the road suddenlycausing the vehicle to roll, then, they may have the ability to file a claim.  If you have been injured in a car accident and you believe that another person is responsible for causing your accident then you should speak with a qualified Georgia personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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