Taliaferro County, GA. – 2 Killed On I-20 East

Taliaferro County, GA. (October 04, 2018) – In the early hours of Wednesday morning Taliaferro County police were called to.

Taliaferro County, GA. (October 04, 2018) – In the early hours of Wednesday morning Taliaferro County police were called to the scene of a single car accident that resulted in two deaths.

According to the department the vehicle was driving west on I-20 when the driver lost control and went off the road before overcorrecting and crossing over traffic and ending up on the eastbound side. The vehicle then swerved off the road a second time and ran directly into a tree. This resulted in temporary lane closures on I-20 East.

Both the man and the woman inside the car were pronounced dead at the scene. No names have been released as this is an ongoing investigation.

Taliaferro County, GA. - 2 Killed On I-20 East

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We are extremely saddened to hear about the deaths that resulted from this accident and send our heartfelt condolences to both of the victim’s families.

When friends and loved ones are taken from us, especially as the result of an accident, we want to know what happened. We look for answers and explanations. There are many factors that could have contributed to this accident and many different scenarios that could have played out.

Anything from vehicle malfunction to driver error and beyond is a possibility at this point. Once the police have concluded their investigation and been able to determine what went wrong the families of the deceased will be able to move forward with legal proceedings if they so choose. Whether it is a wrongful death suit brought on by the family of the passenger, or a product liability suit brought against the manufacturer of the car, these families may be entitled to some form of compensation

If this situation reflects an experience that you or a loved one have had then please reach out to the Nye Law Group and speak with one of our attorneys to find out what we can do for you. These situations can be both tricky and delicate and you will need a competent professional at your side every step of the way. Call us at (912) 200-5230 to arrange your free consultation today.

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